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At the 2017 International Client Seminar sponsored by ALFA International in Miami, Florida, the closing session, titled “Teaching a Lawyer to Fish: The Karaoke Session,” was conceived and led by Tom Singer of Axilon Law Group, PLLC. Singer and a cast that included attorneys from Romania, Spain, and seven American states presented an ethical dilemma to the 300 attendees and then explained through stories and songs why looking for solutions in the Rules of Professional Conduct often isn’t enough. They suggested lawyers make the best ethical decisions by maintaining an attitude of Gratitude, Humility, Humor, Optimism, and Trust. To demonstrate the best attitude, they performed karaoke versions of country, funk, rock & roll, rap, Broadway, blues, jazz, and pop songs.

The written materials for Mr. Singer’s presentation can be viewed here:

Teaching a Lawyer to Fish – The Karaoke Session