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Tom Singer of Axilon Law Group, PLLC, will give two presentations this Spring, both at meetings convened by ALFA International, but on opposite sides of the globe and on topics with little in common.

In March, Singer will be in Miami, Florida for ALFA’s International Client Seminar where he will join a panel that includes in-house attorneys for Walgreen’s and Caesar’s Entertainment addressing the question: “Honesty Is Such a Lovely Word: Is It Too Much to Ask?” Singer’s role will be to summarize studies conducted by social psychologists concerning when and why people lie, and what we can do to discourage cheating and other dishonest behavior.

In May, Singer travels to Beijing, China with a group of nine lawyers from ALFA firms across the United States who will discuss American product liability and intellectual property law at ALFA’s East Asia Regional Meeting. The meeting will be attended by ALFA lawyers from several Asian countries as well as their clients who are interested in doing business in the United States. Singer will be part of a panel explaining the American court system and judicial process.