Axilon Articles

Litigation Articles

Advocating in the Age of Social Media by Tom Singer

Teaching a Lawyer to Fish – The Karaoke Session by Tom Singer

What the Heck Happened by Tom Singer

Representing Your Client in Federal Court 2015 by Jill Gerdrum

Tribalism In The Courtroom co-authored by Tom Singer

Honesty is Such a Lovely Word–Is it Too Much to Ask by Tom Singer

A Summary of the Laws on Comparative/Contributory Negligence and Joint and Several Liability  by Tom Singer and Jill Gerdrum

To Tell the Truth, Memory Isn’t that Good by Tom Singer

Post-Courtal Separation Anxiety by Tom Singer

Construction Law Articles

2016 Construction Law Compendium–MT by Rick Landers and Mark Evans

The U.S. Oil and Gas Boom–Drilling Down on Issues, Risks and Opportunities for the Construction Industry co-authored by Rick Landers

Issues in Manufactured Home Construction Litigation  by Rick Landers

Transportation Law Articles

2017 Montana Transportation Law Compendium by Rick Landers and Jill Gerdrum

2013 American Trucking Association–Transportation Mini Compendium  by Elizabeth Griffing and Jill Gerdrum

Labor and Employment Law Articles

2017 Montana Labor & Employment Law Compendium by Jill Gerdrum and Tom Singer

Employee Wrongful Discharge Civil Rights and Defamation Claims Against Public Employers by Jill Gerdrum

Discrimination Law Update  presented by Tom Singer and Jill Gerdrum at the State Bar of Montana’s Annual Meeting in September 2009

A Wrigged Game: Are Non-Compete, Non-Solicitation and Confidentiality Agreements Ever Enforceable?  by Tom Singer

Insurance Law Articles

2017 Montana Property and Casualty Insurance Law Compendium by Jill Gerdrum and Rick Landers

2017 Montana Life and Health Insurance Law Compendium by Jill Gerdrum and Rick Landers

2017 FDCC Negligence Compendium – Montana by Jill Gerdrum

A Guide Regarding Insurance Claims Defense, Insurance Coverage, and Bad Faith Law in Montana  co-authored by Gary Hermann and included in the 2009 Property and Casualty Law Compendium published by ALFA International

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