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Manufacturers and sellers of products face a difficult legal environment in Montana, whether the claim is for personal injury or damage to property. It is important to have experienced products liability counsel.

Axilon is ready to conduct a rapid response investigation and will develop a litigation plan that may include challenging personal jurisdiction, identifying the best experts in the field, seeking summary judgment or sanctions for spoliation, or limiting the plaintiff’s damages. Our attorneys’ extensive experience successfully litigating products liability cases in state and federal court has earned recognition by both Best Lawyers and Super Lawyers.

We have successfully defended manufacturers, distributors, and sellers of a wide array of products, including:
  • Automobiles and automotive parts such as tires and steering gears
  • Recreational vehicles and their component parts
  • Industrial equipment such as chain pullers, loading dock safety devices, garbage truck bodies, logging equipment, paper mill equipment, and wood working equipment
  • Agricultural equipment such as tractors, self-propelled sprayers, seeders, and livestock feed
  • Medical devices such as surgical mesh, pain infusion pumps, latex gloves, intramedullary rods, prosthetic knees, and prosthetic hips
  • Pharmaceuticals, including diethylstilbestrol
  • Asbestos containing products, including brake pads, oil filters and cosmetics
  • Building and construction supplies such as steel panels and insulation
  • Consumer products such as cribs, ladders, restaurant supplies, and plumbing parts
  • Oil and gas industry products such as underground fuel tanks, fuel pipes, gaskets, and pipeline drag reduction agents