Surrogacy and Reproductive Technology Law

Axilon Attorney Susan Ridgeway is recognized as an authority on surrogacy and reproductive technology law. She has negotiated and prepared numerous agreements and obtained numerous parentage orders in arrangements involving heterosexual couples, same-sex male and female couples, or single parents who received assistance from a surrogate or used donated ova, sperm, or embryos to bring children into their family. Susan’s clients include gestational surrogates, traditional surrogates, intended parents, donors, and adoptive parents. She has worked with parties residing in Montana, in other states, and in other countries, including France, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Norway, Israel, China, and Australia. Her experience and services include the following:  

  • Surrogacy Agreements (gestational and genetic)
  • Egg Donation Agreements
  • Sperm Donation Agreements
  • Embryo Donation Agreements
  • Pre-Birth Parentage and Birth Registration Orders
  • Post-Birth Parentage and Birth Registration Orders
  • Birth Certificate Registrations and Amendments
  • Multi-Jurisdictional and International Coordination
  • Expeditiously Obtaining Certifications, Authentications, and Apostilles
  • Coordinating with Fertility Clinics and Hospitals
  • Second Parent, Direct Placement, and Interstate Adoptions
  • Domestication of Foreign Orders

Susan belongs to organizations of national and international scope focused on developing and maintaining legal competency and ethical standards in surrogacy and donation of gametes or embryos. She also leads efforts to update and improve the law in Montana.

For general information about surrogacy laws throughout the United States and abroad see: Such information may be outdated and is not a substitute for legal advice from competent legal counsel.

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