Products Liability Defense

If you make it, or sell it, someone is bound to get hurt by it, or at least say they did, and then to sue. That’s when you need a lawyer with serious experience in defending product manufacturers and distributors.

Axilon’s lawyers have been recognized for their expertise in products liability defense. We have successfully defended the sellers and makers of products ranging from industrial equipment such as log skidders, garbage truck bodies, and loading dock equipment, to consumer products such as RV components, automobiles, and ladders, as well as medical devices and drugs.

Axilon lawyers have:

  • Defended manufacturers of gaskets and automobiles against asbestosis claims.
  • Defended a group of defendants against a third party claim for indemnification in a case involving an allegedly defective underground fuel storage tank system.
  • Defended the manufacturer of a battery installed in a laptop computer from claims that the battery overheated and caused a house fire.
  • Managed asbestos litigation nationally for a major manufacturer of glass and related products.
  • Obtained a defense verdict in a wrongful death claim against the American distributor of a Japanese-made chain puller.
  • Defended a manufacturer and distributor of pain infusion pumps in multiple cases.
  • Defended a manufacturer and distributor of latex gloves in multiple cases.
  • Settled product liability claims against a family-owned American distributor of Chinese-made industrial wood-working equipment.
  • Defended an American manufacturer of RV components and obtained a favorable settlement in the wrongful death claim of a consumer.
  • Defended the seller of panels used on the exterior of buildings in a products liability lawsuit.
  • Defended thousands of lawsuits arising out of exposure to asbestos from pipe covering, wire and cable, friction products, gaskets, automobile components, and other products
  • Defended pharmaceutical manufacturers in multiple lawsuits including a class action arising out of the manufacture of diethylstilbestrol
  • Defended manufacturers of medical devices such as intramedullary rods, prosthetic knees, and prosthetic hips
  • Acted as regional counsel for a Fortune 500 company defending products liability claims related to their steering gear products
  • Defended a crib manufacturer in a wrongful death claim arising out of the strangulation death of a baby
  • Resolved strict liability claims alleging design, manufacturing, and warning defects against the American manufacturer of loading dock safety equipment.
  • Settled product liability and misrepresentation claims against the distributor of pipeline drag reduction agents.
  • Defended the Canadian manufacturer of a garbage truck body against claims by a sanitation worker who rode on the cab access step and fell under the front wheel.

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