Employee and Employer Rights and Obligations

What do you do when things go badly at work? Employers worry about how to avoid employee theft and performance issues, wage and hour laws, union activity, and lawsuits alleging discrimination or wrongful discharge. Employees worry about losing their job and about how to handle inappropriate conduct by a boss or co-worker or how to earn a living while complying with non-competes and other post-employment covenants. And employers and employees both worry about losing their earnings while spending thousands on lawyers.

You need to stay out of court if possible. The lawyers at Axilon know how to do that. But when you end up in court, they know how to protect you there, too.

Axilon’s lawyers have:

  • Convinced lawyers representing the former manager of a medical practice to drop her wrongful discharge claim
  • Discouraged the former executive director of a non-profit from pursuing claims for age discrimination or wrongful discharge
  • Successfully defended a national discount retail store against three simultaneous discrimination claims
  • Defeated race, religion, and national orientation discrimination claims filed by a Caucasian Christian against a technology company based in India
  • Obtained partial summary judgment and a favorable settlement for an international plumbing supply company in an age discrimination and wrongful discharge claim
  • Defended employees threatened by overbroad and unduly restrictive covenants not to compete
  • Handled claims arising from breaches of email security under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, the Wiretap Act, and the Stored Communications Act
  • Persuaded the Montana Supreme Court to reinstate an administrative agency’s decision denying unemployment compensation to a trucker who quit without advance notice
  • Successfully negotiated health insurance coverage for a county employee’s same-sex partner
  • Defended an out-of-state university in a wrongful discharge suit
  • Worked with in-house counsel to review and draft employment policies
  • Advised an expanding business regarding policies for employees working overseas
  • Helped many employers avoid legal risks when terminating employees
  • Reversed an award of unemployment benefits to an employee who had failed to report to work

Axilon means…

sound legal advice at a reasonable price.