Insurance Coverage and Bad Faith Litigation

Montana is often viewed as a difficult place for insurance companies. The Axilon Law Group PLLC has experience in advising insurers and representing insurers in litigation on insurance coverage, bad faith, and compliance with the Montana Fair Trade Practices Act.

Axilon attorneys have:

  • Defended an insurer in a declaratory action filed by a contractor because the insurer declined coverage and a defense with respect to a series of claims arising from a major construction project
  • Resolved a claim on behalf of an insurer regarding coverage of a death that occurred in a gas drilling accident where the insured misrepresented its ownership structure
  • Defended a bad faith action where the insurer refused to pay for property damage that appeared to be due to arson committed by the policy holder
  • Advised an out-of-state insurer on interactions with assigned counsel who had not fully cooperated with the insurer and may have colluded with Plaintiff’s counsel
  • Defended a bad faith action against an insurer that refused to pay for mold/mildew and other property damage caused by improper maintenance
  • Advised insurers regarding advance payments of medical and other expenses required by Ridley and related Montana Supreme Court decisions
  • Served as Chief Counsel to the Montana Insurance Commissioner regarding regulatory compliance
  • Acted as general counsel for Montana’s second largest domestic health insurance company

Axilon means…

great lawyers, when and where you need them.