Government Relations

Our attorneys understand the maze of state and federal government.  We have  well-rounded experience  to assist clients with all aspects of dealing with the state or federal government, whether it is obtaining a license before a governmental agency, challenging or defending an action or decision by the state or federal government, advising on regulatory compliance, or suing the government when necessary to defend your rights.  Our attorneys have experience in representing clients before government agencies, testifying and advocating in front of the Montana legislature, monitoring legislative activity and law changes, litigating constitutional law issues, representing local governments, and representing government agencies.  We can help clients seeking help on public policy issues either through litigation, legislation or simply meeting with decision-makers.   When local governments or state agencies seek outside counsel, Axilon attorneys are often called on to represent them too.  Our attorneys include an adjunct professor of constitutional law, former state insurance and securities regulators, a former legislative aide, and a former assistant attorney general.

Examples of our experience include:

  • Representing the state Department of Labor, individuals and employers in unemployment insurance claims, wage and hour disputes, discrimination claims, and union disputes
  • Representing the Montana Commissioner of Insurance and Securities in numerous fraud cases before the state agency and in court, and settling one of the largest securities fraud cases in Montana
  • Acting as general counsel for the state’s second largest domestic health insurer when it was in receivership and negotiating the sale of the company
  • Acting as lead counsel in complex civil rights class actions and individual suits on fundamental constitutional rights such as the rights to equal protection and privacy
  • Representing local governments on taxation and financing issues, including issuance of bonds
  • Performing due diligence for private underwriters of state-backed bonds
  • Representing the State of Montana and acting as supervisory counsel on complex criminal cases before the Montana Supreme Court, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, and the United States Supreme Court
  • Representing regulated companies before the Montana Public Service Commission
  • Successfully challenging a decision by the Board of Pharmacy on behalf of a rural tele-pharmacy
  • Performed contract work for various State of Montana agencies
  • Representing and advising city and county governments in discrimination claims, ethical issues, and constitutional issues
  • Lobbying the Montana legislature on insurance, securities, transportation, and state government issues
  • Been appointed to serve as an administrative hearings examiner

Axilon attorneys are:

  • Acting as legal counsel and performing investigations for the Montana Commissioner of Political Practice in complex election law matters
  • Advocating for fair treatment and equal protection for six same-sex couples who seek domestic partnership status in Montana
  • Advocating for health insurance coverage of a same-sex partner by a county government

Axilon means…

creative solutions for complex problems.