What does “Axilon” mean?

People often ask us what the name “Axilon” means.

When Axilon was founded, 10 years ago, three experienced lawyers got together to devise a new type of law firm.  Their vision was to design a firm that would not be burdened by the high overhead of brick and mortar buildings, or rows of clerks and staff in dark wood hallways.  To do so, they steered away from the traditional way in which firms were named – by the last names of the founding members.  Instead, they came up with a brand name “Axilon” related to their original idea of Axiom, a law firm grounded in long-established principles, but with a modern, digital flair.

So, when you see the name Axilon, think of us as a new type of law firm designed to service clients throughout the State of Montana without the old-fashioned hallmarks of yesteryear’s firms.

Axilon means…

creative solutions for complex problems.