Oil and Gas

Montana is nicknamed the Treasure State for good reason. Gold, copper, timber, beaver, and buffalo were the backbone of Montana’s economy soon after Merriwether Lewis and William Clark crossed the territory on their way back to St. Louis, and oil, coal, gold, copper, platinum, palladium, natural gas, timber, and other natural resources are still major sources of jobs and opportunities for the people of this state. The lawyers at Axilon support the natural resource industry by negotiating mineral leases, performing due diligence on mineral investments, quieting titles, filing and perfecting liens, litigating contract and tort claims, and providing other legal services.

Our lawyers:

• Conducted the due diligence on a $28 million investment in a company developing oil and gas in central Montana

• Helped Montana landowners get fair terms for leasing their mineral interests

• Defended an international oil and gas services company in a personal injury action arising from a rig failure

• Enforced liens and contract rights in favor of investors in a coal mine against the developers

• Collected monies owed to an international oil and gas services company from mineral developers

• Resolved an insurance coverage case involving a dispute as to whether a drilling consultant was covered for a claim arising out of the accidental death of a worker in a gas drilling operation.